Visiting the Dawson's
Phoenix, October 1-5, 200
(or, Fa_ho_nix for those of you who remember...)

We took a few days and went to Phoenix. DJ to shop, me to work and shoot. "Shop" and "Shoot" both start with "S". Coincidence? I don't think so. It gives us both a chance to do what we love. (Actually, I did both "S's"... I bought some gun stuff.) There were several highlights, most particularly our dinner at Stephanie Klein's, with Daryl, Vivi, DJ, Sandra and, of course, the Duty Historian... me.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

Like all good visits, we start with food. The Miracle Mile Deli serves a great combo sandwich.

I know that it will seem as though food was our major pursuit and, to a certain extent, you would be correct. This is the Chicago Hot Dog Company.

Daryl was a "Slider Virgin". Unfortunately, the sliders served here were far from traditional "Sliders". They were gourmet.

Monday evening was dinner at Steamers, our favorite seafood restaurant. Stephanie (far left) was the entertainment. She plays a greater role on Wednesday.

My scampi dinner. Everyone had order envy. I ate too much and was sick for much of the night.
(I fell far off the wagon on this trip.)

Daryl gave me an Osama Bin Laden target to shoot at.

 I fired about 150 shots and hit him about 20 times. Sort of like a real war... shoot a lot and miss a lot.

But when you hit him, you really hit him.

Stephanie is the most recent addition to my list of "Truly Authentic Persons" list. Here we are (me behind the camera) studying her patio carpet.
Believe me, it was worth the look.
Stephanie is a great cook and conversationalist. We had a very nice night. Look for more about her in future posts.

Churchill's big screen TV. A really good cigar store and a nice place to kill an hour.

At Red Mountain

Daryl's championship form.
(Target is upper right center. He got it.)

Notice the "25" that Daryl shot.
(25 is a perfect score.)

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