Day at the Zoo and Torrey Pines
March 2005

Two events across two days, both initiated by Perry. He knows that I'm a sucker for a day of play and that I try to spend every Thursday afternoon with Alex after his minimum day at school. Therefore, it is likely that Perry can corrupt both of us and that we are willing participants in the exercise.

Also, Perry knows that Joe Huston has invited me to have a cerebral hemorrhage with him and Herm by offering me a spot on his Mt. Whitney climb team. Since Perry is a sadistic sort of fellow, he thinks that traipsing around Torrey Pines State Park under the guise of training for the Whitney climb is helping me in some way. BS. My allergies are extreme thanks to all the rain and the damn flowers that are sprouting up from any patch of dirt in the county. Well, at least I got some nice photos.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

A Day At The San Diego Zoo
Alex, Perry and I went to the Zoo since Alex and I had the day off. We didn't really, but Perry did and he corrupts me whenever possible.

Yes, Honey, it is how big it is that counts!

Alex in another life.

He is a "Take Charge" kind of kid.


He is also insatiably curious.
A Torrey Pines Hike
Once again, I followed Perry into danger. He took me to Torrey Pines State Park to hike. It was a Tuesday and Arnold declared it a FREE DAY so we didn't have to pay money to see flowers and birds. There has been so much rain that we are experiencing a banner year for wild flowers. But then we're also experiencing a banner year for wild parties, too, so maybe the rain is a good thing.

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