St. Augustine Florida
May 1, 2005

We are doing Week 8 of the NSA Showcase and got to Jacksonville a day early. This was a good thing because we got to sleep late on Sunday morning, something we rarely get to do when we are traveling. Because I get up early even when I sleep late, we hopped in the van and headed off to St. Augustine to meet Charlene for lunch and do a little sightseeing. Here are some photos. I forgot to take a photo of Charlene and Diana so you will have to check out the photo from last New Years Eve.

I took a few photos of the town.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

A panoramic of St. Augustine harbor.

Public works.

A tourist family.

A tourist couple.

Moss on the fort.

The fort.

Cobblestones in the old portion of the town.

Diana and Charlene on New Year's Day   

Charlene's art.


Ditto, ditto.

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