San Diego Bay Bridge Walk
May 22, 2005

As unusual as it may sound, I'm the one that organized this little soirée. I didn't intend to, but I did. I signed up for the Bay Bridge Walk on June 18th and this one was being held on the 22nd, little did I know. I asked Maria if she wanted to join me and she did, so at 6:30 am she and Perry pulled up in front of my house and off we went on a six mile walk.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

Sign up time at the OK Corral.

Go to the end of the line to pay the 38 bucks to do this. (Why, oh why do I do these things?)

Are we having fun yet?

Here we are complete with numbers that prove we're nuts.

Curbside nookie.

Yep... tight butts drive me nuts.

Our first casulty.

This is the only time you will see a congregation of white people in this neighborhood.

Either before or after the first pee break. Probably after since she looks too happy.

Hydration means never having to pass a bathroom.

Perry performs a pantomime of death defying leaps from the center of the bridge.

At the middle of the bridge. It is only fair to note that the only reason I wanted to do this walk was to take photos of the city from the bridge. As you can see, you can't see nothin' because of the clouds.

I can prove I was here. No amount of Photoshop magic can do this photo.

Oh Shut UP and walk!

The end of the line.

Me at the finish.

MG and PMJ at the finish.

MG and PMJ at the restaurant where Perry treated us to breakfast.

We took the taxi home. Ok, it was a water taxi. Still, it was a taxi.

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