April Photos 2005

April started out slow but got really active in the first week. The first photos are from Richmond, Virginia where DJ and I started the NSA Showcase.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

Richmond VA Botanical Garden
Botanical gardens are a staple of our travels. We have been in memorable ones in sixteen states and two countries. The one in Richmond is a gem. It was a good day but a little breezy and cool. As a result of the stop, I developed a new artistic treatment for flower photos.

I bought a Wacom tablet for my computer and learned how to do spot color conversions from Black and White.

When I look through the viewfinder, these are the things I see. Oh, not literally, but these are the images that I see in my minds eye.

Until today, I had to do a painstaking method of conversion and it didn't work too well.

Now, I am getting the result that I want and I'm looking forward to doing some more in this series.

"Hi" from me in the Botanical Garden.

Also, "Hi" from me and DJ in the garden.

This is a very cold Diana at the Shirley Plantation. We went to do sight seeing but wound up doing freezing instead.

The only warm blooded animal on the Plantation on Sunday was the cat.
Sayville New York
Out on Long Island is a little town that we stopped at to look at quaint shoppes and stores. I saw a few things that I wanted to photograph but these were the best.

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