Volcano National Park
October 9, 2005

We took a drive down the Kona coast and wound up at the Volcano National Park. This place is very cool. (well, not really, it is pretty hot) You can get to the lava but it is a very difficult process. The lava is not hot but it is difficult walking there. If you stay for the evening lava show, you have to walk back in the dark using a flashlight. This is no picnic. 

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

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We stopped at a private Kona coffee farm where Diana picked some coffee beans.

There is a hotel at the top of the park where you can see good stuff happening in the distance. Wait, though, it gets better.

This is the Kilauea Caldera.


This is the explaination of the Kilauea Caldera.

See previous panel.

We're heading out to the lava field. Everyone is thrilled. Really. I wouldn't kid you.

Before we go, however, let's look at some of the seismic activity in the area.

Be afraid... be very afraid.

Either Donna is a hot gal or it's steaming around here.

The lava flows into the sea. This is from a distance.

OK, we're here.

We're still happy. We don't have a clue what awaits us later.

The girls look happy. Wait... that'll change.

We are at the end of the road. There used to be a road and a village here somewhere.

See the little things that look like ants on the horizon, well, that's where we're going.

Really. I wouldn't kid you!

We are trying to get as close to this as possible.

As it gets dark, two things happen. First, it gets dark. Second, lava can be seen. Finally, it becomes impossible to take photos.

There are about fifty people out there in the dark. Even at ISO 3200 there isn't enough light to take a nice photo.

This is the best photo I could get from a couple of miles away.
I used the 80-400 VR which caused a problem because the wind
was very high and blew the lens around pretty badly.

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