Hawaiian Sea Life
October 11, 13, 2005

We are surrounded by water. Amazing, isn't it? Well it is understandable since we are on an island. One of the really good things about being on an island and being on one in the warm Pacific Ocean is that the place is crawling with fish and coral reefs. (Of course, you should not be crawling on the coral. That is a bad, bad thing.)

Here are photos from our snorkeling and boating adventures. Our hat is off to Seaquest's Captain Craig for a really good experience, once again. (We tried to get Randie Farish but he doesn't own the place anymore and only works Mon, Tue, and Wed, and we had to do it on Thur.) We highly recommend Captain Craig if you are over on the Big Island and want to see fish, lava tubes, water caves and dolphins. 

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

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First Bubbles
Tom's first snorkeling experience in "A" Bay and Donna's first entry into "H" Bay. 


A photo of Donna should be here but she doesn't like it so it's gone, gone, gone!
"A" Bay at 8:30 am on Friday
This is our "home" bay. It's high point is that it is close. The downside is that it receives a lot of fresh water therefore, it gets cloudy and cold.

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