Sweeney and the Telescope
October 14, 2005

Diana gets her dolphins and I get the Keck Observatory. I also get Kim Sweeney. Wait a sec... ("Hey Dennis... Your little brother is really cool.") To set up the back story, click on this link "Sweeney Boys and Gal" and you will get the details on what was behind my looking up Kim Sweeney at the Keck headquarters. Needless to say, I am fast becoming the official historian and website host for the Sweeney family. They are spread all over the world and are doing very interesting stuff. Kim has a cool job and a cool life. Here is some of the proof:

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

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This is the remote operations center for the telescope which is about 25 miles away if you're a crow or 50 miles if you're a car.

Kim's office.

Go to Dennis' page (click here) to understand the mc escher-like appeal of this photo. It's really for Dennis but you can enjoy it. Look closely.

The drawing of the machine he just designed. It is more art than engineering or science.

A rainbow hits Kim and Olga's house. Just another day in paradise.

Kim helps some high school students build electric cars. They win awards.

The domes at the top of the mountain.

The business end of communicating with 150 million dollar telescopes.

Kim is holding the base of the adaptive optics mirror assembly of the 150 million dollar telescope.

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