Honolulu and Things on Oahu
October 7-17, 2005

We start and end in Honolulu. There is no reason to go to Honolulu except to start and end. There is no charm to the place... it's just a big city in paradise. Oahu, as an island, however, has some very cool places. We did make the best of it. Here is the proof.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

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Honolulu... The City and County of O'ahu
It is the anniversary of Honolulu next year and it promises to be quite a party. Of course, any day in Honolulu is a reason to have a party.

This was the view from the hotel at sunrise.

This was the view from the hotel during the day.

This was the view from the hotel, at night.

The weather forecaster said it wouldn't rain during the week. She was mistaken.
The Orchid Farm
We found it. It was a real drive. No "U" turns, but it could have gone either way. It is a very cool place and I can't remember the name.
I couldn't decide which photo I liked better so I put them both up. You choose.
Dole Farm
This is the farm that John Dole built into the largest exporting and processing operation in the world for pineapple and other fruit. The have a neat little train that takes you around the place and they tell you how pineapple is grown. Few people know that pineapples are plastic and stuck to the top of sticks in the pineapple plant. Really. Ask Diana if you don't believe it.
Pacific Cultural Center
Owned and operated by the Mormon Church and affiliated with BYU Hawaii, this is quite a place. We highly recommend it. Do the luau and the evening program. Also, eat some ice cream.
Dinner Cruise
Tom was aching to eat dinner by the water but unfortunately, there are few places in Hawaii where you can do that. So, being the inventive guy he is, he booked dinner on a boat, which gave us, oddly enough, a chance to eat next to the water.

Donna gets a romantic sunset on the last night.

Add a little red and magenta and every sunset is spectacular.

The drivers seat.

Moonrise over Waikiki.

It's hard to beat a sunset in paradise.

They say no good deed ever goes unpunished. I guess that I got to pay for my transgressions with the "Tom Dancing the Hula" video (see it here)

Yes, that is my cute ass in a dress, lei and goofy hat.

However, I didn't have to do the "YMCA" dance!

"All ashore that's goin' ashore!" Mahalo, and thanks for all the fish.
Last Snorkel in Hawaii- Haunama Bay.
Go here if you can. It is one of the best beach accessible snorkel places in the islands. It costs five bucks per person and is very worth it. Take ten, though, 'cause you'll want to take the tram back to the top. (There are no underwater photos because I packed my camera somewhere in my stuff and couldn't find it. I hope it is where I can find it at home.)
The Buddhist Temple and Cemetery
I will find the description sheet about this place when I get home. For now, the photos will have to do.
The Flight Home- AA 270
I've often said how much I enjoy American Airlines. I even posted a page to one flight attendant. (See Here) Our crew on the way home were uniformly spectacular. If you see them somewhere, tell them "Hi" from me.

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