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Thanksgiving at the BarliantWisch Estate

November 24, 2005

"Another fine mess you've gotten us into, Ollie!" And, yep, it was. This was one of the most diverse Thanksgiving weekends we've spent in many, many years. Perry was in China so Jody and Tex went somewhere else. Maria and the kids came here, as did her friend Gregory, his son Alex and his friend Wallace. On our family's side, we got Denise, Hava and Hugo. Jeannine and Hava entertained us with original song and dance. Original sin may have been preferred but what the heck... you take what you can get. Our crew, the Davila's and kids, kept the joint jumpin'.To say that the feast went well would be to descend into the depths of understatement. Here are some of the photos.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

Joe and Seren send us Thanksgiving greetings from Lake Tahoe.

I'm sure the sign says something pithy.

The oven turkey.

The Barbie turkey.

This year we did a mesquite smoke. It is better than cherry.

The finished barbie bird.

Starting to stage food.

After the carving.

Stuffing on the counter.

Alex and Ashley.

The adults table.

Kids on the floor with trains.

The girls...

with husbands...

who goose them.

Damian says "Hi"

Watching Alex's Thanksgiving play.

Ashley getting dessert ready.

Auntie Neen teaches the kids how to knead bread because we need bread for breakfast.

BBQ'd turkey bacon on the barbie for Friday breakfast.

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