Paul Riser Screens His Film
"The Thing About My Folks"
September 9, 2005

If you have not seen the movie, go to the website. Better yet, GO TO THE MOVIE! Later on, you can buy it or rent it. For now, go see it and take a friend. Come on... get going... spend some money to see this film. You won't regret it. Then call your mom and dad.

(Wischful and Dibert give it TWO THUMBS UP! See it, tell your friends, generate some buzz. Now, stop reading this drivel. Go on, get buzzin.)

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

Pre movie dinner group.

My hero and ring leader, Sandra.

My second hero and ring leader, Phyllis.

Paul Riser

Paul Riser

The JCC Film Festival Committee with Paul Riser.

The committee without Paul Riser.
Some photos from the film.

Ok, I'm not employed to shill this movie. I just liked it. It made me cry and that's my benchmark of a good film. If my shirt has tear spots, it's good. If my shorts have spots, it's bad. This one is good. I'd like to see more films like this and they will get made if we go to this one and show the bean counters in Hollywood that we'll throw beans into the pot up there, where they really don't know beans about real life. So when you see this advertised, go to it.

Great, real women. No "Barbie Dolls" here.

Al and Bernice, or Sam and Dorothy, or, Claire and Duffy, or...

"I never got to schtick with my father."

Yes, no "guy" movie would be complete without some cute chicks.
(They don't explode or shoot, though.)

One of the funniest male bonding scenes in the history of film. Go to the bathroom before watching or use your Depends.

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