NSA Week 11
Wichita to Kansas City, MO
August 15-19, 2005

This was a really good week but I can't show much because all of my good Nikon camera equipment was in the shop. Everything broke. It was horrible. The only camera I had was my little Nikon 5600 which is a really crappy camera. There are a few good photos but sorry, not much here this week.

It was a very good week, though. One of the best we've had this year. 

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

Getting to Wichita was very exciting. Two spinout accidents happened in six minutes. Lots of rain on I-35.

The boyz want to appear on a magnetic surface near you soon.

We sent this to Teresa's husband.

These people came a hundred miles to get here.

Nowell in action.

JJ in action.

Larry being serious.

One of Debbie's kids. I can't keep them straight.

This is the other one. His name is not the same as the other one.
Dick Cheney comes to NSA Showcase in Springfield MO.

He's there, I promise.
(It is also ironic that the camera numbered this photo "1040")

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From the Press Release:

Vice President Dick Cheney spoke to attendees at the 73rd National Convention of the Military Order of the Purple Heart in Springfield, Missouri, Thursday, August 18, 2005. Mr. Cheney expressed regret at having to cut short the session of The National Specialty Advertising Showcase but said that the White House really appreciates the plethora of chotchkis and trinkets that the industry provides. He also wished he had the time to collect some swag to take home on the plane.  

We're close to getting kicked out of the foyer.

Secret Service Agent Bob.

We're in the little convention center next to the one where Dick is speaking. There should be a lot of people out here watching the festivities but Secret Service Agent Bob said we couldn't. That's why I went across the street with the demonstrators... I wanted photos.

Protesters across the street.

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