Huston Labor Day Bash
September 4, 2005

Joe says this is either number 12 or number 13 and who am I to argue? It's a helluva party, no matter what number it is. Joe and Seren have nice neighbors and they all come running around 7 pm to eat whatever Joe is cookin on the barbie. Oh, since it is a potluck and nobody smokes, everybody brings something to share.

Even the invitation is clever. (Click to see Invitation)

If you wonder what a block party looks like, here are some photos:

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

6:30 before the festivities begin.

I brought the little tele and binocular set for star gazing.

Kids are a prominent feature here. As is the new driveway.

Darn, can't shoot the little buggers tonight.

Chief cook.
The last thing that burger heard was, "OK, cough."

My contribution.
(Can you figure out why the name?)

Can't remember their name but she is a pet sitter and thinks that I am tormenting her by taking lots of photos. This is the only one I'll post, however.

David's new wife and baby.

I can't remember their names either.

Chief Bottle Washer with new grandchild.

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer. There was a more formal pose but this one is a more accurate picture of their character... and boy, are they characters!

Ya think the boyz are a little lit?

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