KGB buys lunch for The Gates Group
September 2, 2005

So what happens when Doug Cone from KGB 101 Radio shows up for lunch? Here are photos. It seems that Leslie entered a contest by telling the radio station that the girls at The Gates Group are so busy that they cannot get away for lunch. Not only are they starving, but Gracie can't even make it to the bathroom to pee. She just drops trou and lets fly on the carpet. Now, that's busy!

Doug does a good lunch. Nobody looks unhappy.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

The Whole Tribe Eats!

Maria always smiles when someone brings free food and beer.

All it takes to get a smile around here is lunch and a t-shirt. 

Gracie spots on the carpet. Don't worry, she is learning how to hold it until after dessert. When that happens, she can lay some new carpet.

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