The Sweeney Boys and a Gal
September 22, 2005

I've known Dennis and Judy for ten or more years. I have as much respect for them as I have for my Mom and Dad because, like Mom and Dad, Dennis and Judy work together, sleep together and don't fight in public (unlike my Mom and Dad, who did fight in public). They are moving to new offices in a couple of weeks and they are discussing not having facing desks for the first time in who knows how long. The strain may be too much so we'll stay posted.

During our discussion, I mentioned that Diana and I were going to Kona for vacation. Dennis mentioned his brother Kim was living on The Big Island and I mentioned that if he had his number, I would look him up and bring photos of Dennis and Judy to him. Of course, after three "mentions" in one conversation, I never believed for a second that Dennis would cough up the number so I was surprised when he did.

Not only did he cough up the phone number but he brought up his brothers website and other interesting trivia about Kim Sweeney. So Kim, here are the photos I promised Dennis I would post and I'll bring prints to Kona when we come on October 8. 

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

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These guys are seriously cute, dontchathink?

My mom and dad never looked this happy in the office. Of course, my dad never wore a camp shirt, either.

I have always loved their artwork.

Dennis with Kim on guitar.

Dennis with Abracadabra Kim.
There are more Google results for Kim than Dennis probably because
Kim is not in the Witness Protection Program.

Kim pointing at Dennis pointing at Kim
Kim Sweeney Website Google Search for Kim Sweeney Ukulele Kim

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