Carols at Marc's
December 3, 2005

No, Carol wasn't there so we sang Christmas. (Paul came, however.) A good time was had by all, except for Carol, who didn't know what she was missing. We had a bride to be, some neighbors, some friends, some food, some drink, some song, some comedy, (OK, a lot of comedy) and here are the photos to prove it.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

Our hosts... in a really nice shot, dontchathink?

Mike gives Diana a few lessons on the Big Damn Book of Sheer Manliness.

Here comes the bride and the spring rolls.

Of the two, the bride was nice but the spring rolls were great!

The neighbors check out the food... or perhaps they're checkin' out Marc.

At any normal party, one of these women would have to die. Here, nobody cares. We're getting lit by spiked cider and can't remember that Goldie and Diana wore the same outfit.

Three shots that show how difficult it is to get a good photo of Marc. Usually he has a goofy expression on his face. The fact that I got one good one out of three is pretty good. God is on my side.

The Official Group Shot.
(Nobody wanted to cooperate but, damn... I'm good!)

Imagine what Judy must look like when she's happy!

Preaching to the choir.

"Hey... somebody has to fiddle around!"
Herm Sings Elvis

Herm always deserves his own section on any web page. Tonight is no exception. He is doing a holiday song, but not to the discomfort of all assembled. He did his Famous Elvis Impersonation. It is pretty good considering that Herm has no hair or sideburns. We pretend, though. After all, it is Herm... and he is our Hero!

The conspirators are getting into the spirit of things. I wonder if there was any spirit involved.

Herm even inspires Diana to try to make her fiddle emulate a Gibson F Hole Arch Top. I promise, if she jumps up on the piano and pulls off her shirt, Herm is toast.

He is either crooning or Diana is encouraging. I don't remember which.

Herm is either working the crowd or mooning Marc. You choose.

Look carefully. Everybody's gettin' their thrill. Herm took us all to "Blue Berry Hill"

This is what Herm looks like when somebody with a high powered flash and digital camera sneaks up upon him and he doesn't notice. It effectively ends his agony by replacing dignity with ocular pain.
(Had the photographer planned more, the auto focus box would have been on Herm instead of on the wall behind Herm. Bad photographer... bad, bad photographer.)

"Anddddddd..... that's all, folks!"

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