Rachael's Holiday Party
December 11, 2004

Wow, it seems that every year there is a Hannukah Party at Rachael's house. This year was no different although there were a lot of people there, more than usual. Lots of kids. As usual, great food, presents, hurt kids, arguments over toys, and a small group of intelligent adults hiding out on the patio. Here's the proof...

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

Our host.

Son of Host.

Son of Host and Host and Daughter of Host lighting candles.

Skinner Kid lighting candles.

Skinner Kids and Son of Host lighting candles.


Maria looks like a Queen, or a Princess. No, I think a Queen... she has her own little princess.

"I'm supposed to fit in this?"

I agree with the boys... I want to wear the dress, too.

Never let it be said that Maria isn't willing to wear funny hats.

The Tree Train had a major Gomez Adams.

Spiderman came to the rescue.

Mommy comforts Son of Host after a bruhaha.

Grandma gets the Granddaugher.

Some intense conversation going on here.

I get the last photo because I own the website. I also have a cute Granddaughter. So there!

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