PPA Academy Extra
in San Antonio, TX
August 26-28, 2004

We convened the PPA Academy Extra in San Antonio from August 26-29 to learn some stuff, drink some stuff, eat some stuff and have a pleasant time at the Hyatt Hotel on the Riverwalk. If you don't know what it is, then you shouldn't be on this page. Go somewhere else.

If you do know what this is, here are the photos. Enjoy... I did! 

(The only photo not here is the one I told Roni Wright I destroyed. I really didn't but I like her and won't embarrass her in public any more than I already have!)

(as usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture)

wPano-SanAntonioDT.jpg (55063 bytes)
San Antonio from the top of the Hyatt.
wPPAAGroup.jpg (90091 bytes)
Just a portion of the attendees.
wPPAA03.jpg (57330 bytes)
The joint classroom. It was (how do we say it?) intimate.
wPPAABRENT.jpg (38320 bytes)
Brent Patmos, one of the presenters.
wPPAA01.jpg (27869 bytes)
The Welcome party.
wPPAA02.jpg (46521 bytes)
The ringleaders.
wPPAA10.jpg (42923 bytes)
This is what a group of educated people look like after a night out.
wPPAA21.jpg (27967 bytes) wPPAA24.jpg (76919 bytes)
The Talkers and Hangers On.
wPPAA32.jpg (43445 bytes)
My favorite girls in their blue shirts.
wPPAA33.jpg (47749 bytes)
We understand that Mary Ellen was knitting for over a month to make the shirts. Then she stayed up all night screen printing them. They're cool. Nice Job ME. 
wPPAA23.jpg (80044 bytes)
I have a really great photo of Roni, taken just before this one. I could show you but then I'd have to kill you... or she'd kill me.
wPPAA22.jpg (69085 bytes) wPPAA27.jpg (58580 bytes)
wPPAA28.jpg (50814 bytes) wPPAA29.jpg (49085 bytes) wPPAA30.jpg (40857 bytes) wPPAA31.jpg (52125 bytes)
wPPAA25.jpg (87417 bytes) wPPAA26.jpg (52985 bytes)
These photos are of the group presenters after round table discussions. 
ME was the facilitator, or the enabler, I never remember which.
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wPPAA17.jpg (34929 bytes) wPPAA04.jpg (45176 bytes) wPPAA18.jpg (44962 bytes) wPPAA05.jpg (36541 bytes)
wPPAA08.jpg (46326 bytes) wPPAA12.jpg (47751 bytes) wPPAA09.jpg (52651 bytes) wPPAA16.jpg (33063 bytes)
wPPAA13.jpg (56136 bytes) wPPAA20.jpg (51947 bytes) wPPAA19.jpg (48018 bytes)