An Evening at the Ball Park
September 22, 2004

When Joe learned that I was not only a couch potato but also was not a baseball fan, he took my conversion as a direct challenge. For almost a year he has plotted to get me to Petco Park, where he has season tickets, to see a Padres game. This has been similar to avoiding a root canal. As much as you try to run, eventually you're going to have to sit in the chair and take good drugs afterward. 

Little did I know that I'd really enjoy the evening, despite the rocky start. Given that Diana had The Work Day From Hell and that we'd have dinner at the worst restaurant I've ever eaten at in San Diego in thirty-four years, the evening turned out really spectacular. (The restaurant is called Rockin' Baja Lobster and I strongly recommend you avoid not only the restaurant (because the food absolutely sucks) but also the server, Heidi, an abrasive little shit with a bad memory.)

Here are some of the photos from the evening. Kudos to Joe and Seren for making us, if not enthusiastic Padres fans, at least people who look forward to attending another baseball game at Petco Park. Our thanks to you, Joe!

(as usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture)

wSign1.jpg (32646 bytes)
Yes, objects do in fact leave the field of play.
wNeighborhood1.jpg (57214 bytes)
The guy in the red had a mitt but couldn't keep his hands on the object that left the field of play.

He was voted off Section 217.

wField1.jpg (38324 bytes)
The field, where things leave.
wPennyLeft1.jpg (50449 bytes)
Including Penny, the Pitcher, who has left the building. 
wAgoodGame.jpg (84477 bytes)
I played his Monopoly game for years.
wPressBox.jpg (35223 bytes)
Writers in the Press Box.
wDancinGuys1.jpg (56489 bytes)
A pair of dancin' fools. Actually, the grounds keeper was very entertaining.
wNumber38.jpg (64397 bytes)
Nice form. Too bad you screwed up. Actually, it isn't too bad because you helped the Dodgers lose the game. Thanks!
Petco Park is a very nice place. It makes the older ball park look really sick. I never thought I'd say this but it was a terrific use of public and private funds. Go Padres!
wPetco1.jpg (54381 bytes) wPetco2.jpg (36470 bytes) wPetco3.jpg (41982 bytes) wPetco4.jpg (59814 bytes)
wBigMoney1.jpg (37958 bytes)
The big money sits here.
wWesternMetal1.jpg (131787 bytes)
The little big money sits here.
wFoot.jpg (39250 bytes)
Diana can't give someone the finger so she gives the Dodgers the toe.
These are animations done from still photos. I don't know if they run. Take a chance.

High Five Animation - At Bat Animation


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