November 2004
Misc. Subjects

Keeping on top of things on a website can be exhausting. Besides the sheer amount of work it requires, there is the problem of constantly updating things by subject. This month, I simply don't have the time so I'm lumping a lot of stuff together. 

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The NEW Rachael !!!

Hubba, Hubba, Yeowza, WO,WO, WO...

I guess that Rachael has been on a diet. The reason I think this is that she bought a lot of new clothes and she looks smashing in them. Oh, don't take my word for it... see for your self:

 wrachoutfit1.jpg (25813 bytes)  wrachoutfit2.jpg (25999 bytes)  wrachoutfit3.jpg (24976 bytes)

washleydadalex.jpg (31703 bytes)
Dad teaches the kids how to draw circles. Also, Ashley is learning how to say "currrrccccllll" at the same time.
washleydadkiss1.jpg (36491 bytes)
Ashley is not free with her affection so when you get the chance, you take it.


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