New Year's Eve
December 31, 2004

First of all, let me say that Herm never had a chance. When Joe decides to getcha, you get got. Last year we did New Year's Eve at Disneyland in California. (See Story) This year we were outside Disneyworld in Orlando. Herm and Goldie came in for the week and Herm had no idea what interesting things Joe cooked up for his arrival.

Imagine, if you just got off the plane after five hours in the air and you were riding the escalator down to baggage claim and more than one hundred strangers started singing "Happy Birthday to You" and you will have an idea of what Herm faced.

Yep, it really happened and I swear I had nothing to do with it except that I did the flyers, took the photos and taught Diana how to run the video camera. It was all Joe's idea and if Herm doesn't like it, he can call me and I'll give him Joe's address. (I'm not completely innocent, however. I did come up with the idea to make their beds in an unusual manner but that is another story. Click here for details.)

Anyway, here are photos of the evening's festivities. As is usual with the Suspects, a good time was had by all.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

Laura put us half in the bag when we went to buy Herm's birthday cake at Publix.

Diana is talking to Sandra, who is in the mountains in Switzerland.

Diana gets video camera duty at the airport.

It is out of focus but you get the idea of the number of people who want to sing to Herm.

Herm acknowledges his admiring horde. Either that or he is surrendering.

Herm and Goldie have a nice sunset when they come in.

The view from our balcony. We're on the 17th floor.

A view of the pool. It is big. The fireworks are going to go off behind the pond.

The group sings "Happy Birthday To You!" to Herm. Next year we'll sing "Happy Birthday To Herm!"

Herm lights the candles. He was supposed to light 61 of them but we were afraid the fire sprinklers would go off.

Also, Herm was afraid that 61 candles would make the cake too heavy to lift.

These are photos from the fireworks the hotel set off to celebrate Herm's birthday.

You just gotta love the Marriott Corporation.

They really know how to celebrate a guest's birthday.

Herm and Goldie.

***Seren taught me how to short sheet beds, so I tried it on Herm and Goldie. Here is what Joe wrote in an email about the result:

Now, the beds. Herm could not figure out the bed, he gave up and just slept on top.
Goldie however, realized something was amiss. After several attempts to get into the bed, started taking it apart. Having never heard of or seen a short sheeted bed, assumed an idiot had made the bed and remade it.

When they didn't say anything, Seren asked, "How were your beds?" Goldie immediately smelled a rat and asked, "How did you know about the beds?"

Hope all is good with you and DJ. Your partner in crime, Joe.
P.S. Last night the movie CASABLANCA was on TV. Herm and Goldie had mentioned they had never seen the movie. So we watched it. At the end, when the constable says, "Round up the usual suspects," Herm said, "So THAT'S where that came from!" Enlightenment in Orlando.


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