April 17th with Sandra and the Kids

While Mom was taking the CBES test, I babysat for the the kids and Sandra. We did what kids, big and small, often do. We went to the beach and the Model Train Museum. (OK, so not everyone has a beach to go to or a model train museum... if you lived here, that's what you'd do!)

Ashley is standing up by herself. Alex is, well, he's still Alex. Sandra gets to take grandchildren to the park by herself, without supervision. A good time was had by all.

(as usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture)

The day starts out with some digging in the yard.

Small heavy equipment is a necessity.

Dead fish are always a big draw for Alex.

Alex shows Sandra the in's and out's of big model railway operation.
AlexSandra2.jpg (44563 bytes)
Ash041704-1.jpg (58441 bytes)
Ashley is standing up whenever she can. Another mother was more nervous than I. 

(I had duct tape and tongue depressors. No problem! )

Ash041704-2.jpg (22609 bytes)
Not a happy camper right now.


Nowell.jpg (29576 bytes)
Even Nowell gets into the picture.
SandraAndKids.jpg (32395 bytes)
Yes, we are all having fun!
SandraAndKids2.jpg (29095 bytes)
My personal favorite shot from the day.
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