Judy on AA 1474

December 29, 2004

Anyone who thinks that flying is still fun hasn't flown a lot since 9/11. It's mostly a pain in the, well, in the u no what. There are very few good flights anymore even on good airlines or in First Class. Some air carriers should just drop dead and go to Airline Heaven. (You know who you are, US Air) Others do a good job and make flying fun. (Like SWA)

My airline is American Airlines for a couple of reasons. First, they have the most extensive schedule out of San Diego and they go most places I have to go. Second, I've been flying them since 1988 when I decided that flying United and their "employee owned airline" was a flawed concept. (I don't want to be treated like an employee... I want to be treated like a customer.) So, I moved to American and have never looked back.

While AA is far from perfect, occasionally somebody really stands out. AA used to give us Someone Special coupons to give to those people but, like most myopic corporations, they decided that employee morale is less important than stockholder return and they killed the program. (It was and is a big mistake. The "Screw 'em, they can get another job if they don't like it here" philosophy always leads to worse service, which leads to decreased sales and increased Chapter 11 filings.)

On our flight 1474 from San Diego to Dallas, Judy was, without doubt, the best Flight Attendant we've had this year. Hands down. No question. Absolutely. Can't say enough. "U go, Girl!"

She decorated herself and the lav in Happy New Year colors. It was a great touch and was appreciated by anyone with a heart, which let a few passengers  off the hook... the heartless pricks.

Anyway, here is a page for Judy. I promised that if she sent me an email, I'd send her one of my last two Kiss my Ass* pins for her apron. So Judy, if you're visiting WischWeb2005, click here and send me your address. Happy New Year and Thanks!!!!!

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

Tell all of your friends and peers that you get the Wisch Family Travel Award for 2004.

No question about it... you are the classiest one in the system.


Air freshener and decorations! How cool is this?!

Decorated mirror with a Nowell in it. Too, and Way, Cool, too!!!!!

These guys have nothing to do with Judy but they did make a splash getting on the next flight to Orlando and I wanted to put them on the site.
 * Jonathan Rich had some pins made that he gives to really good Flight Attendants. He gave me about 20 of them and I'm ordering more. The pins are "apron only" and say: "Flight Attendants aren't here to kiss your ass. We're here to save your ass." He did them in Green and gold with red lips. I'm doing them in AA colors, Blue and Red with Gold writing.

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