Family Birthday Party
January 31, 2004

I'm not sure how many family members were born in January but judging from these pictures, it is a lot! Or, perhaps it is all a ruse just to throw a really big, really great party!

Whatever the reason, as you can tell from the photos, a good time was had by all !!!!!!

No snappy captions today... no time. Got to go to Raleigh. Make up your own. They will probably be as good as mine might.

(as usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture)

04BdayCake.jpg (259107 bytes) 04BdayCake0.jpg (197884 bytes) 04BdayCake1.jpg (176914 bytes) 04BdayFish1.jpg (108276 bytes)
04BdayFish2.jpg (214353 bytes) 04BdayFish3.jpg (218521 bytes) 04BdayGroup.jpg (132533 bytes) 04BdayGroup01.jpg (151224 bytes)
04BdayGroup03.jpg (216655 bytes) 04BdayGroup04.jpg (126782 bytes) 04BdayGroup05.jpg (164371 bytes) 04BdayGroup06.jpg (178541 bytes)
04BdayGroup07.jpg (164622 bytes) 04BdayGroup08.jpg (151572 bytes) 04BdayGroup10.jpg (191156 bytes) 04BdayGroup11.jpg (135369 bytes)
04BdayGroup12.jpg (152581 bytes) 04BdayGroup13.jpg (197008 bytes) 04BdayGroup14.jpg (104407 bytes) 04BdayGroup15.jpg (200313 bytes)
04BdayGroup16.jpg (121379 bytes) 04BdayGroup17.jpg (167165 bytes) 04BdayGroup18.jpg (97711 bytes) 04BdayGroup19.jpg (50314 bytes)

04BdayPiano1.jpg (258738 bytes)


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