Balboa Park
November 20, 2004

The only reason this page is here is for the people in the group photo. Read the story and you'll understand.

(as usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture)

balboaparkgroup1120.jpg (43221 bytes)

We (well, I) saw these people having their photo taken by a stranger as we were leaving the Prado Restaurant. 

Being the wiseass that I am, I asked if they wanted me to take their photo, too. Naturally one thing led to another and I wound up telling them they would appear on the WischWeb site. (Who can resist being made famous on the website that has been voted the #1 Family Website on the Planet?) 

(Anyway, yes, Virginia, there is a story here. I may mangle it but even if I do kill off a few facts it will still be entertaining.)

They were visiting from Santa Barbara on a 10th Anniversary of Knowing Each Other Celebration. (Wait, it gets better.) The girls went to high school together. They are friends. I'm presuming that they are not gay because the one on the right is married (or so she claims). She did say that she dated the guy for a while and apparently likes him, although not enough to marry him. 

(But then she could be one of those desperate housewives we've been watching on TV. After all, Santa Barbara is only a few miles north of "The OC" and we know what young people do there, right? I could say cute things like "Wow, they make a nice ménage a tois," but I don't know how to spell it so let's just stick to the facts that we were told.)  

He seems happy but then why wouldn't he be? He has two attractive women in his arms, they are in San Diego, 200 miles from one of their husbands, and they had dinner at the Prado Restaurant, one of the best places to eat in the world. Given all those situations I'd be happy, too. 

(I had an attractive woman on my arm, just not at that moment. She was in the restroom which is why I got this photo in the first place.) 

That's what I remember. There was something about graduating from UCSB in 1998 and some other facts but it's been a long night. They either don't have names, can't remember their names or don't give their names out to weirdo's with cameras. There were a few other details but I've never let facts interfere with a good story so you don't get them.  

grinch1120.jpg (15751 bytes)
I figured that since I had the camera with me and we had an hour to kill before the theater, I'd look around for interesting things.

This is pretty interesting, dontchathink?

TommyT1120.jpg (34661 bytes)
Tommy is fetching in his Grinch hat, dontchathink?

I'm glad he's able to wear this with dignity. It would kill a lesser man. 



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