Washington DC
and San Antonio, TX
August 2004

Can you believe it? The nation's capitol and Texas in one week! You cannot imagine what a culture shock it can be. First, the nation's capitol is not a "nice people" place. Oh, sure, it's nicer than New York City but it is a far cry from San Antonio, Texas, home of really nice people. Yes, we're sure there are some "not nice" people in San Antonio but we didn't meet any of them.

First, we spent an afternoon at the Mall in Washington DC. The Mall is not a Mall, it's "The Mall" which is where the museums are. The Capital is on one end and the Washington Monument is at the other end. We started at the National Botanic Garden which is a very cool conservatory. We ended at the Museum of Natural History in the Gem Room. Mostly we did flowers.

San Antonio was a different stripe. We went there to do a three day conference for business and really had a great time. 

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