September 2004
Last update: 09/08

Back to school, Learning to throw Targets, The House on Wisch Mountain, WOW! September is not even a third over and there is so much to see. 

Our little guy has started school and has developed an ability to work with us on the Skeet field throwing targets. (Actually, we don't throw them, we push buttons that tell the machines to throw the targets. Either way, Alex is good at it.)

Click on a photo and see for yourself..

(as usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture)

September Images and Things from Early to Late
wAlexAAhat.jpg (61176 bytes)
Alex in his target throwing costume. He is wearing a Winchester AA hat, brown safety shades (the better to see the target with, my dear) and hot shoes. He was not prepared for 90 degree weather. He did a good job, though.
wAlexThrowTarget1.jpg (51428 bytes)
Here Alex is throwing targets for me at Station 4. He has done this three times and is a pro. He doesn't make too many mistakes and the ones he does make are actually good for us. 

(High house, Low house, Doubles. That's all there is to it.)

wDadAlexAAhat.jpg (73842 bytes)
Alex and Dad.
wAlexDadPopPopRange.jpg (131825 bytes)
All of us.
wAlexBrioTrain1.jpg (39402 bytes)
We just bought a new set of wooden train tracks and are very excited. Our layout capabilities are going to double.
NowellPerry1.jpg (55679 bytes)
Perry and I pose with our fuzzy foot things. One of my trade journals published an article about them and we took this photo to show that fuzzy foot things are still in fashion.

Perry shot his first 25 straight in Skeet on September 3. A very big WOW is in order!

wAshDressing090404-1.jpg (40803 bytes)
Breakfast on 9/5 at 501 Jimmies. Ashley eating ranch dressing, or dressing in ranch dressing... your pick.
wWischMtn1.jpg (27834 bytes)
A new addition to the train set... "Wisch Mountain Estates."

The house to the right is mine... (big lot, big house, because I own the mountain.)

In the middle is the Cohen residence.

Far left is Casa Davila, home of our grand children. (Neen and Aaron will get more land when they spawn.)

AlexGrad1.jpg (21556 bytes)
Alex graduated from pre-school. Here he receives his diploma and degree. He got a NoBS in Verbal Skills.

( He graduated at the top of his class, Grandma Bernice.)

We're proud! Very, very proud!

RideToSchool.jpg (26231 bytes)
Things are tough in the California economy. Damian is giving Alex a ride to school on the most ecologically efficient mode of transportation they have... feet!
SilverGate1.jpg (39857 bytes)
As you may surmise, Alex is attending Kindergarten at Silver Gate Elementary School. The school is only three blocks away from our house and we can hear the kids yelling all morning.

(Silver Gate is a magnet school. Since it is sixteen miles from his house, it must be a pretty strong magnet.)

MsMurphy1.jpg (53649 bytes)
Ms. Murphy looks competent. Of course, this is on the first day and she hasn't had Alex for a week, yet.

But that's what school is for... testing children and teachers, dontchathink?

SilverGate2.jpg (34654 bytes)
Ms. Murphy runs a tight classroom. Things might work out fine. Stay tuned for film at eleven. 
AshCath1.jpg (28653 bytes)
Ashley is still a happy kid with Cathy. She is learning how to spill dressing on her shirt, stick stuff in her mouth and seems to be getting an "A" in verbal communications. 

She already knows how to say "NO" in twelve languages. 



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