Family Photos October 2004

These are pictures from some of the events we get ourselves into. Since I have a camera and I'm not afraid to use it, you get to see this stuff. Enjoy it... and, if you're good, you might appear here, too. 

(Imagine, you can be famous, on the Internet and appear on Google, too!)

(as usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture)

wmrsmurphy.jpg (44975 bytes)
Alex and his class participate in an assembly singing "This Land is Your Land". 
wMrsMurphySmile1.jpg (56081 bytes)
This is his kindergarten class. Mrs. Murphy is the teacher.
wMrsMurphyGoofy2.jpg (55326 bytes)
The class proves that they have a sense of humor.
wNowellTeach1.jpg (28115 bytes)
When I'm not working on the website, I have a day job to help me fill the idle hours. One of my tasks is to teach a class on Internet Sales Support.
w041003_Ashley036.JPG (29106 bytes)
You know who this is and why she is here.
wGrandmaHug.jpg (53870 bytes)
"Hug, Grandma."
wHuh.jpg (39866 bytes)
I can't remember what they were looking at. Both amazed... both cute.
wAlexgetshisbelt.jpg (28538 bytes)
Alex takes Karate on Wednesday evening. He has just received his white belt. It is a good thing because otherwise his waist would fall down. 
wAlexKarate1.jpg (30018 bytes)
Karate seems to be fun. 
wAlexKarate2.jpg (23794 bytes)
You get to hang out with cute girls and punch things. What's not to like?
wAlexKarate4.jpg (26207 bytes)
See? It's almost like dancing!
MichelleLicense.jpg (28713 bytes)
Michelle is an official 16 year old driver. She can prove it. She has already had a car towed. 
wMichelle101504-2.jpg (52250 bytes)
The family gets together at Mom's place. 
wAuntClaire101504.jpg (48025 bytes)
Auntie Claire. 
wAuntClaire101504-2.jpg (21564 bytes)
wFamilyGroup101504-1.jpg (73517 bytes)
The family in October. 
wMichelle101504-1.jpg (32289 bytes)
My niece. 


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