Photos March 2004

March came in like a lamb and went out like a lion... or vice versa. I upgraded my Canon G2, first to a Nikon 8700 and then to a Nikon D70. Thanks to Leon at Pt. Loma Camera, I got the first Nikon 8700 he sold. I used it for about two weeks but learned that small cameras with big zoom lenses are not the cat's pajamas. 

After the first week, I hated the camera. After the second, I despised it. After the third, I decided I cannot use a small camera and need a nice digital SLR. That's what I'm stickin' with. Here are this months offerings:

(as usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture)

0304AlexFiremen.jpg (48874 bytes)
Alex and the Firemen
0304Ashley.jpg (220946 bytes)
My current favorite Ashley photo. 
0304Bookstand.jpg (66685 bytes)
This bookstore was in the Houston airport.
0304Marine30.jpg (24912 bytes)
Marine 30 hovering at Miramar.
0304Garage1.jpg (25437 bytes)
Rochester Hyatt garage.
0304JackObrien.jpg (40050 bytes)
Tony Award winning Director Jack O'Brien.

Trust me.

0304BruceFish.jpg (29850 bytes)
Bruce plays basketball with a fish.
0304FishBBall.jpg (33187 bytes)
The fish won.
0304FingerFood.jpg (28791 bytes)
Finger Food! My second favorite photo of Ashley.
0304NowellGarage.jpg (24199 bytes)
The Photographer as a car.
0304RatSnake.jpg (500243 bytes)
Rosie eats a rat. See her eye?
0304Snake.jpg (407991 bytes)
Rosie in midrat.
0304Red8.jpg (35015 bytes)
Number 8 in the Rochester Hyatt garage.
0304SalesCatering.jpg (31148 bytes)
Sales and Catering at the Braintree Sheraton.
0304SpaceShuttle.jpg (25055 bytes)
Stennis Space Shuttle.

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