Guys With Guns AND Trucks
May 22, 2004

You can find lots of Guys With Guns sessions on the website (June 7 2002, Sept 14 2002, Sept 25 2003) but this is not just another one. It is the Guys With Guns AND Trucks Night of May 22, 2004. We had the usual stuff, good port, good cheese, good food and added the Monster Truck and a new member. Tim, an old friend of Marc and Mike, came and added fresh meet to the concept. Joe and I had to come too since we had the guns and the Monster Truck!

(as usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture)

WGuys05221.jpg (112463 bytes)
We have the whole group in one photo. Imagine that... all five of us right here!
WTarget1.jpg (88732 bytes)
Marc made this neat motorized target out of old egg crates and booze bottles stolen from his neighbor's recycle bins in  the neighborhood. He sure is handy, isn't he?
WGuys3.jpg (87962 bytes)
Everybody had a turn trying to hit the bouncing targets.
WJoeMikeT1.jpg (73594 bytes)
Mike and Joe examine their marksmanship. Joe shot the target right off the target. 

(Is that proper English?)

WJoeTarget.jpg (83180 bytes)
WJoeTruck1.jpg (91916 bytes)
Joe runs the Monster Truck.
WMikeTarget.jpg (60385 bytes)
Mike wins the Marksman Of The Night Award. Besides a nifty and expensive prize, he also had the envy and admiration of his peers.
WGuys2.jpg (104069 bytes)
The range.
WNowellTruck1.jpg (136832 bytes)
Nowell runs the Monster Truck.
WNowellTruck2.jpg (106426 bytes)
Tim drives the Monster Truck while Nowell shoots the Monster Truck.
WTruckMarc.jpg (65754 bytes)
The Monster Truck survives the assault and is so happy that it starts humping Marc's leg. We understand that Marc is preggers now and expects to give birth to six AA batteries, four open spoke wheels and a Subaru in nine months.
WNowell.jpg (78614 bytes)
Nowell with a gun.
WKitchen.jpg (54578 bytes)
Good food once again. Marc fooled his sister into providing a killer lasagna.
WGuysKitchen.jpg (50903 bytes)
We toast you, or we are toasted. I forget which. 


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