Herm's Birthday 2004
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Sometimes there is no clear cut decision on where to post a web page. Usually, the decision is split by category but sometimes, like now, the decision is on which year to post the page. Since Herm's birthday is on New Years Day, we are posting the page in the 2004 section. However, the event began in 2003, so there should be a mention there as well. 

Like most good parties, this one was organized by one of the Usual Suspects, our own Joe Huston. You already know that Joe aspires to become Herm and I'm sure this is why he put together this weekend at Disneyland that involved HermandGoldie, NowellandDiana, JoeandSeren, and MarilynandSandra. We went to the Mouse House and then on to Disneyland for New Years Eve dinner and a crushingly good time. If you are not interested in the details, then click here for other topics. Otherwise, on with the show!

(as usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture)

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The girls are all happy. They just returned from the bathroom. This many girls all going to the bathroom at once creates quite a rift in the force.
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Ah, funny hats. Karyn thinks this is cute. Deirdre must agree.
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The birthday boy would look good with a coconut on his head. His natural good looks and class are not diminished by a cheap plastic hat. 
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Some guy with Seren thought he looked ridiculous. Only the picture has changed to protect the guilty.

Seren is cute in her cheap plastic hat.

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As usual, I get the pick of the litter. How is it not possible to think that Diana is adorable in this cheap plastic hat.
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Barry gets smart and decides to wear my hat. I think he looked better in the cheap plastic hat. 
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Herm and Nanookie of the North.
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My buddy Karyn. I promised her I would email this photo of her in a cheap plastic hat to everyone in New York City. 

I'm gonna. 

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Leave it to Disney to call a spade a spade. Hit the button and listen. 
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If Herm knew how stupid he looks in Mickey Mouse ears he wouldn't be smiling. Perhaps he had enough champagne to keep him oblivious. 
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All the gang sent Herm signed photos. 
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Give women enough booze and they get quiet. 
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See? He just took a look in the mirror and doesn't think it's so funny anymore.
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We toast your good health, Herm. Except for Joe who is fighting to stay upright on the planet. 
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Two people in this picture are having fun. One is not amused. Can you find each one?
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This is an artwork treatment of Joe driving up I 5 toward Anaheim.
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