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There are a few inside jokes on this website and this is one of them.*  This is our first glimpse of Dawson House, (or, as we like to call it in the country, Dawson Manor) in the Arizona Biltmore compound. PostScott is in the valley. PreScott is in the mountains. 

Daryl and Vivi moved from the Mountains to the Valley. (... far from the Ocean,  white with foam..... God Bless America... our home, sweet.... Oh, for god's sake, give it a rest. What do you think this is anyway? The Passion of, oh, there you go again... Just let them be.) 

They are doing well in the Valley of the Sun. If this were a movie, it would be the Passion of Daryl. Vivi is the Passion of Daryl Dawson in PostScott. (get it neen?) 

If you don't get it, you're probably not supposed to. Anyway, on to the photos of Dawson Manor in PostScott.

(as usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture)

Dawson4.jpg (27105 bytes) Dawson9.jpg (31172 bytes) Dawson11.jpg (29803 bytes) Dawson12.jpg (37865 bytes)
Dawson13.jpg (39443 bytes) DarylBkfst.jpg (39845 bytes)  DarylBkfst2.jpg (40361 bytes)  ViviQueen.jpg (31736 bytes)
Daryl and Vivi in the Morning. Daryl, on the formal patio. Vivi, in the Queen's Chambers. 
(Both take their roles seriously and flawless performance is their reward. )
Dawson7.jpg (26765 bytes)
Pano- RedMountainWEB.jpg (32822 bytes)
Red Mountain Trap and Skeet Range.
DarylNowellRedM1.jpg (67322 bytes)
A side benefit of the visit was the Arizona State Trapshooting Tournament. (Stan and Oliver.)
DarylRedM1.jpg (45038 bytes) DarylRedM2.jpg (24812 bytes)
This is what Daryl looks like trudging to the end of the line in 95 degree heat.
DawsonPlant1.jpg (29029 bytes)
Things grow fast here. This growth was not there in the morning.
DawsonPlant2.jpg (25300 bytes)
The next day it had filled out nicely. 
DawsonYard1.jpg (84351 bytes)
The view from the Formal Patio.
Dawson14.jpg (35288 bytes)
Lots of built in's. Very nice cabinetry. 
Dawson10.jpg (54059 bytes)
The Formal Patio when not dressed for breakfast. 
Dawson5.jpg (27053 bytes)
The guest bath. Notice the good looking fellow in the mirror?
Dawson6.jpg (25392 bytes)
View from the front door.
Dawson8.jpg (25613 bytes)
View to the front door.

*Vivi once had a phone call from a solicitor for a Police Athletic League and the caller asked how she liked pre scott. He didn't know she lived in PressScott. Got it?

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