August 2004

General Subjects - Long Beach Aquarium - Tommy Thompson Tour 

August is only half over but lots has happened. Here are just some of the exciting things to enjoy. August is the first month I've been shooting with my new 20mm f2.8 Nikkor. It has a 94 degree angle of view and seems to be very sharp. I hope to post some neat photos in the future. 

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General Subjects for August 2004
Meatball.jpg (50125 bytes)
Meatball is Chuck and Judy's cat. He likes hanging around our house because he likes being stepped on by Ashley and Alex. Weird cat.
WDJLB0804-1.jpg (38917 bytes)
My sweetie in Long Beach.
WMariePerry.jpg (30937 bytes)
Perry and Marie return from six weeks in South America.
WMarilynGroup1.jpg (73185 bytes)
Marilyn has a wine tasting party. We drank a lot and had good food. 
WOBPier0804.jpg (25461 bytes)
Sunset at Ocean Beach Pier. This is why we live here. 
The Long Beach Aquarium

Since my sales rep Craig Spencer wussed out on me this year, I found myself without a job on Tuesday, when the SAAC Fishing Trip went out on the boat. Of all the amazingly insensitive things that Craig has done to me this year, missing the fishing trip was the worst. To console myself, I took Diana to the Aquarium and took these photos. There are some really amazing things here. 

WLBAquStarTrek.jpg (32026 bytes)
This is one of the Star Trek fish series.
WLBAStarTrek2.jpg (51853 bytes)
This should be what a photo from the Hubble Space Telescope might look like. 
WLBAqu9.jpg (54134 bytes)
"Boldly going where no man has gone before..."
WLBAqu5.jpg (54292 bytes) WLBAqu8.jpg (29689 bytes) WLBAqu3.jpg (35389 bytes) WLBAqu4.jpg (43317 bytes)
WLBAqu1.jpg (44272 bytes) WLBAqu14.jpg (55122 bytes) WLBAqu11.jpg (29549 bytes) WLBAqu2.jpg (27901 bytes)
Tommy Thompson Old Globe Tour
August 9, 2004

WTommyTour080904.jpg (103535 bytes)

Tommy is a San Diego treasure. He has been the most visible face of the Old Globe Theater for as long as Diana and I have been attending. Periodically, he gives a comprehensive tour of the theater and we got to join the group on Monday, August 9th. These are my favorite photos from the evening.

WTommyTour2.jpg (40726 bytes) WTommyTour7.jpg (37233 bytes) WTommyTour9.jpg (57062 bytes) WTommyTour8.jpg (26546 bytes)
WTommyTour3.jpg (47728 bytes) WTommyTour6.jpg (39982 bytes)


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