The Alexander and Western Railway 

August 1, 2004- We have added a tractor to the layout. Now that we have a tractor, we have to build a farm to use the tractor on. This is why we should never go shopping at model train stores.

March 10, 2004- In an attempt to keep the wheels on my train cars, I've decided that Alex needs his own layout to play with. Here are progress pictures of how things are going.

The Alexander and Western Railway is an N scale layout built on a 2 x 4 foot base. The oval track has a passing track and an industrial siding. The landscaping includes a tunnel, a small mountain, a pasture, a passenger station, an industrial building, a house and a river and lake.

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August 1, 2004
WAlexTrain080104.jpg (42364 bytes)
Train Master Davila
WAW080104-6.jpg (41152 bytes)
The newest item on the layout is the John Deere tractor. It is very cool. Alex gave me one to put on my layout.
WAW080104-5.jpg (46221 bytes)
The fence keeps falling down in the wind and the cows escape. These are all that's left from the herd. The rest are appearing at a McDonalds near you.
WAW080104-7.jpg (38696 bytes)
The GP40 Alaska is our workhorse loco. 
WAW080104-4.jpg (36702 bytes)
We're partial to blue cars.
WAW080104-2.jpg (36372 bytes)
The bridge, river and lake.
WAW080104-3.jpg (36094 bytes)
Our factory getting a delivery of chocolate milk
April 25, 2004
Atrain0425-1.jpg (31220 bytes)
Alex is driving the Coca Cola truck on the south road.
Atrain0425-2.jpg (42401 bytes)
The Coca Cola truck is pulling up to the station to fill the machine. The train is passing the station.
Atrain0425-3.jpg (30113 bytes)
The US Mail truck is picking up the mail at the Alexanderville Post Office.
Atrain0425-4.jpg (24469 bytes)
The Alaska Railway GP 40 is pulling a heavy freight across the land. 
Atrain0425-5.jpg (30490 bytes)
The Coca Cola truck on the road behind the station.
Atrain0425-6.jpg (24707 bytes)
Alaska GP40 number 3015 on the main line.
Atrain0425-7.jpg (46023 bytes)
Trainmaster Alex runs the layout for Alexanderville.
Atrain0425-8.jpg (31253 bytes)
April 4, 2004
Atrain0404-1.jpg (38149 bytes) Atrain0404-3.jpg (45819 bytes)
Alex polishes the rails for reliable service. He is not happy about it but tough luck.
Atrain0404-2.jpg (40778 bytes) Atrain0404-4.jpg (56706 bytes)
March 2004
AlexTrain0304-1.jpg (40580 bytes)
Here is the trainmaster with his world.
AlexTrain0304-2.jpg (49299 bytes) AlexTrain0304-3.jpg (42427 bytes) AlexTrain0304-4.jpg (52350 bytes)
The Santa Fe freight engine comes out of the tunnel. We had to trim a lot of tunnel away to clear the engine.
AlexTrain0304-5.jpg (40126 bytes) AlexTrain0304-6.jpg (42957 bytes) AlexTrain0304-7.jpg (53685 bytes)  


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