A Day at the Zoo

Alex and PopPop went to the zoo on Sunday. They met up with one of Alex's friends, Elsa and her father, Van (No photos of the Van, man. Sorry).

"Snakes. I hate Snakes" was PopPop's reaction to the day but since it was a PopPop/Grandson day, snakes were on the agenda. Later, we rode the trolley to Chula Vista where Alex saw where his mother lived when she was a baby.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture)

AJfriend1.jpg (52425 bytes)

Alex and Elsa, or more correctly, Elsa and Alex at the polar bear cave.

AlexFriend2.jpg (42601 bytes) AlexFriend3.jpg (35998 bytes)

I don't know what they are doing, but they are doing it in the middle of the sidewalk.

AlexGorilla1.jpg (41708 bytes) Push1.jpg (96303 bytes)

Alex pushing Elsa.

Push2.jpg (89790 bytes)

Elsa pushing Alex.

Bird1.jpg (21285 bytes) Lizard1.jpg (36293 bytes) Lizard2.jpg (49198 bytes)

"Not Geico, PopPop, it's a Gecko.

Lizard3.jpg (39573 bytes) Snake1.jpg (49237 bytes) Snake2.jpg (26187 bytes)
Snake3.jpg (27738 bytes) Snake4.jpg (35537 bytes) Snake5.jpg (26040 bytes)
AlexTrain1.jpg (31559 bytes) AlexTrain2.jpg (47609 bytes) Turtle1.jpg (39788 bytes)

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