Rachael's Pumpkin Party
October 25, 2003

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(Elliott to come)

Rachael always puts on a great party especially when she has help, and she always has help. I'm not sure who these people are but she knows and will be happy to tell you if you email her.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

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These things always start with Rachael explaining the rules.

There are always rules. Ignore them at your peril.

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The cutest girls on the deck.

If you don't believe it, just ask me.

PParty1.jpg (27812 bytes)
The best looking kid on the deck. 

If you don't believe it, just ask the woman in the previous picture.

Alex and Fuzzy

PParty10.jpg (39173 bytes)
The finished product. 

(If this was in Finland, these would be the Finnished product.)

Pix for Mark Skinner

Mark is sweatin' to the oldies in Iraq. Hey Mark, we hope you're well. Here are some photos of the family.

Pparty12.jpg (29285 bytes)  Pparty18.jpg (32267 bytes)  Pparty30.jpg (32258 bytes)  Pparty32.jpg (33388 bytes)

Pparty11.jpg (12554 bytes)
She is getting around pretty good, dontchathink?

If she had a little pumpkin in her mouth she would even be in season.

PParty7.jpg (27944 bytes) Pparty13.jpg (30886 bytes)
Tyler and pumpkin.
Pparty14.jpg (30247 bytes)
Jeannine and pumpkin.
Pparty15.jpg (26610 bytes)
Beth and pumpkin and knife.
Pparty17.jpg (25597 bytes)
Bobby and my favorite pumpkin.
PParty8.jpg (32111 bytes)
Pparty19.jpg (28624 bytes)
PPArty2.jpg (33462 bytes)
Christie, Elliott's mom. We will Photoshop Elliott into the site later.
Pparty20.jpg (36578 bytes) Pparty21.jpg (37247 bytes)
Gary and pumpkin.
Pparty23.jpg (25721 bytes)
Even the decorations are well thought out. Here is a pumpkin going trick or treating. 


Pparty24.jpg (45723 bytes) Pparty25.jpg (27256 bytes)
Great big globs of greasy, grimy pumpkin guts!
Pparty26.jpg (33132 bytes)
Damian give Kate the Lorena Bobbit Signature Model Butcher Knife just in case she can't stand putting her hands in the stuff anymore.
Pparty22.jpg (23369 bytes)
Pparty27.jpg (35956 bytes)
Timothy and pumpkin. He was teaching the kids how to use sharp instruments to kill pumpkins.
Pparty28.jpg (28164 bytes)
Kayla is part of Gary.
Pparty29.jpg (30918 bytes)
Tracy, Kayla's mom.
PPArty3.jpg (41325 bytes)
Pparty9.jpg (32498 bytes) Pparty31.jpg (39887 bytes) PParty4.jpg (42671 bytes) Pparty33.jpg (43768 bytes)
Pparty34.jpg (45817 bytes) Pparty35.jpg (34692 bytes) PParty5.jpg (38689 bytes)
Not a single healthy thing on the table except the pumpkin, but nobody eats raw pumpkin anymore.
PPartyGroup.jpg (74853 bytes)
This is the raw, unretouched photo. When I have time I will Photoshop Elliot in, take some better heads from the other shot and make the finished product. 

Check back in a week or so. 


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