PPAI Education Seminar
in San Diego, August 14-16, 2003

Hi to all my friends from around the country. Here are some photos that will remind you of the great seminar we attended in my home town.

(Click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

PPAIprog1.jpg (52389 bytes)
I need a wider angle lens to get everyone on the bus.
PPAIprog3.jpg (44504 bytes)
See? I have to shoot some people by themselves.
PPAIprog4.jpg (47693 bytes)
Two of my bestest buddies in the business.
PPAIprog5.jpg (49806 bytes)
Having fun on the sun deck.
PPAIprog14.jpg (31037 bytes)
The ring leaders at work on the speaker. I think they are discussing golf.
PPAIprog2.jpg (36649 bytes)
Some people will just do anything to get on camera.
PPAIprog7.jpg (37229 bytes)
Most of you didn't know we were being driven by amatures.
PPAIprog10.jpg (18907 bytes)
Yes, we're having fun yet.
PPAIprog9.jpg (26972 bytes)
Another driver photo.
PPAIprog6.jpg (43188 bytes)
Jerry was home. We just didn't see him. Really. No joke.
  PPAIprog12.jpg (20829 bytes) PPAIprog8.jpg (20442 bytes) PPAIprog13.jpg (35036 bytes)
Just another day in paradise.

Final 8/18/03

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