Photos August 2003

What a month this was. At Tower Road Beach, I took the first image that started me on  the road to my greeting card images. You might say it was the start of "Wisching You The Best". The first card I distributed was from the July Kauai trip but it was the Tower Road cooling pond and the birds that started it all. A big, big month! 

Tower Road Beach

This year, my mom moved out of her home of 48 years and I had the last view of my old neighborhood. I took a morning off and went to Tower Road beach for my last look. It had been one of my favorite places and didn't disappoint this morning.

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The second art card came from this shot. (See Card)
Nancy Shots

The only reason I know this is Nancy is that the two women who passed her on the beach said, "Hi Nancy!"  
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The first art card came from this shot. (See Card)
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