Moving Mom to the Hyatt
July 2003

My mother is moving from the house she has lived in for 48 years. It is a very difficult thing for her and all the rest of us. 

I am traveling between San Diego and Chicago helping where I can and trying to keep my cool and not irritate my mom. It's not easy.

Before1.jpg (28495 bytes) Before2.jpg (38070 bytes) Before3.jpg (27519 bytes)
These are the second "Before" shots. The first "Before" shots were lost to the gods of digital imaging. There were not all that good but they showed the condition of the basement after 40 years of storage.
After1.jpg (30913 bytes) After2.jpg (36130 bytes) After3.jpg (29506 bytes)
This is what the basement looks like after a ten hour effort. We tossed out five bags of garbage and gave away a ton of stuff to the ACS and some to friends. Kenny will have an easier time this winter using the small sno-blower to keep his digs dug.


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