Mike Contreras Has A Baby!

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Well, not really. Alana had the baby, but you know how guys are! They take credit for everything. Anyway, here is the message that Mike sent to alert you all to their new son:

"Hi there Nowell, well I am going to take up your offer to have a web page for my new son. I am so excited and what a fun way to show everyone as Alex grows."

Here is some info to get the page started:

DOB: 11/11/2003 (Veteran’s day) (Day After the Marine Corp B-Day)

Name: Alex Contreras

Parents: Mike & Alana Contreras

Alex is the first Grandson born to both sides of the family…talk about being born spoiled!!!

Future goals and ambitions…future Jiu-Jitsu expert (ok, so that’s papa’s wish) he he ok maybe baseball or football star?

(Click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

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