Matt Gates Has A Birthday!
May 7, 2003

Matt Gates had his 15th birthday on Sunday, May 8, 2003. Here are the photos of the event. I hope you like the movie of Matt beating to death Square Bob Sponge Pants. (Yes Matt, I know it's Sponge Bob Pants Square... I mean Pants Bob Square Sponge... I mean... oh heck, forget it. You get the point.)

MattGates050803-1.jpg (21274 bytes)
The Birthday Boy. He is very secure with himself at 15. You can tell because if he wasn't, he would have killed himself over the hat, alone.
GatesGroup1_050803.jpg (36414 bytes)
The Usual Suspects. We are still crazy after all these years.

"Yeah, still crazy after all these years!"

Perry050803-1.jpg (34739 bytes)
Perry. I think he has something under his hand. He looks too happy to be high on life.
DebMike050803-1.jpg (26527 bytes)
Deb Dog and Mikey.

Still crazy after all these years. 
Mikey once thought he could make money putting people on couches.
Now only Deb will get on a couch with him and she won't pay for the privilege. 

Mike050803-1.jpg (19860 bytes)
"Such a face, such a face, such a beautiful face..."
John050803-1.jpg (20351 bytes)
John. That's all the information you get. I don't know who John is. Somebody must, however, since he stayed for a drink and dinner.
AlexGates050803-1.jpg (21718 bytes)
Every good birthday boy deserves a sister hiding in another room. 
PerryMarie050803-1.jpg (31165 bytes)
Marie and Perry sitting on a loveseat. Looks appropriate, doesn't it?
Group2.jpg (43451 bytes)
The nicest day in ages. A little breezy and cold but nice, nonetheless.
Andrea050803-1.jpg (23842 bytes)
Andrea is a masked superhero keeping watch over Alex. 
Tex_Jodie.jpg (27369 bytes)
Tex & Jodie.

I wouldn't have used a soft focus shot but, had I used the other one I had of Jodie, it would have spelled my death by beating.

I like Jodie. I don't want her mad at me so you get soft focus.

MGdebMike050803.jpg (24755 bytes)

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