Rachael, Damian, Alex and Ashley go to Chicago

The kids got up at 0 dark thirty and flew to and from Chicago to introduce Ashley and Alex to the Aunts, Uncles and Cousins.

Judging from the photos, a good time was had by all.

I know the cast and the characters but I don't know the scenes and situations. So, we'll all see if Rachael can view and capture the source and write the captions for the photos. Once she returns the file to me, I'll post it and you all will be entertained. 

Or just click on the little pictures to see the big ones.  

AlexAshleyChi2.jpg (31452 bytes) AlexChi1.jpg (46314 bytes) AlexCNW1.jpg (32604 bytes) DamianAlexChi1.jpg (33979 bytes)
Erin2.jpg (32110 bytes)   Fam3.jpg (23071 bytes) ClairAshley1.jpg (235782 bytes)
Rach5.jpg (31756 bytes) Family2.jpg (15721 bytes) Fam4.jpg (32478 bytes) GailAshley1.jpg (20986 bytes)
Girls3.jpg (26805 bytes) Egroup1.jpg (38588 bytes) Erin3.jpg (29583 bytes) MomAshley2.jpg (36858 bytes)
PgirlsAshley1.jpg (23277 bytes) BFam2.jpg (36743 bytes) BFam3.jpg (29706 bytes)  

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