Joe gets a Herm Run

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Not for no reason has Joe Huston gotten smaller. It is with a purpose that Joe has eaten less, exercised more and taken things seriously.

We finally found out why, when on October 11th when he did the Do The Bridge 8K Run

Joe wants to become Herm. (It is understandable, when you think about it. After all, Herm is many things that Joe has always wanted to be... German, Tall, Great Shape, carries a gold star on his weenie well, just some of the many reasons to have Herm Envy.)

Yep, that's the only explanation there is for his behavior. We've known that Herm is crazy for years. In spite of our best efforts, Daryl and I could not talk him out of the 26.5 mile Rock and Roll Marathon. Now, not being content to just keep it to himself, he has spun his web of insanity around Joe's impressionable mind. 

This cartoon eloquently states what we really think about this enterprise:

We are proud of them, however. We can prove it. Just click on these photos:

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