Huston Big Bear Bash
May 17, 2003

BigBearGroup.jpg (64358 bytes)
(Click on Photo to see Sandra Smiling!)

Who but Joe Huston could get people to drive two and a half hours to a little town in the mountains for a bar-b-que dinner? No one, that's who. It is a measure of the level of respect that Joe and Seren hold among the Usual Suspects that we went to Big Bear Lake to insult him and eat their food. 

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Here are scenes of revelry.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

JoeCook.jpg (15499 bytes)
The Cook, the Thin Man and the Birthday Boy. Sounds like a novel title, doesn't it?
JoeCook2.jpg (31293 bytes)
The kitchen.
Steak.jpg (40026 bytes)
The Steak. Joe gives the credit to David Lopez but Joe really is the King of the Que.
Dscf1504.jpg (25185 bytes)
The food.
JoeTodd.jpg (35169 bytes)
Father and Son.
JoeDiet.jpg (21576 bytes)
Joe lies about how he got thin. You can tell he's lying. His lips are moving.
JoeNowell.jpg (30085 bytes)
The Cook and The Photographer. Another book title.
Group2.jpg (33348 bytes)
Yes, we were a real fun group! Even Sandra is smiling!
HermGoldie.jpg (20049 bytes)
Herm & Goldie get lit on steak. Oh hell, Herm & Goldie just get lit on life, I think.
LobsterHat.jpg (23920 bytes)
The Lobster Hat in its native shape.

There really is a great story about this hat but I'm bored and don't want to write it.

HermChair.jpg (18190 bytes)
Herm furnishes his home with furniture stolen from hotels.

You would think that I could get a sofa, wouldn't you? 

Dscf1505.jpg (1479788 bytes)
Vanessa.jpg (16025 bytes)
Mother Vanessa In Repose in Big Bear, on the Patio. Another book deal brewin'.

DJ with Huston kids Taylor and Ebin.
DJ.jpg (147867 bytes)


ArrowSky.jpg (121257 bytes)
"The sky sure is purty in Californaiaye"

We were supposed to go on a boat but Joe lied again. No boat. Just blue sky's and good fun.

Todd.jpg (12708 bytes)
Dad and Son.
Occasionally known as "Big Head Todd and the Monsters".

Taylor2.jpg (22827 bytes)
DJlobster.jpg (202583 bytes)
DJ trying to get away from a guy in a lobster hat.
Marilyn.jpg (22013 bytes)
Marilyn. She would look better in a lobster hat, dontchathink?

This is a photo of Marilyn and Sandra at Breakfast.

Look closely or you will miss them.

Oops, there they go!

  Evan2.jpg (16676 bytes)

The party was a combination of things, mostly mysterious. I think it was Joe's birthday but not really. Mostly we congregated to celebrate the fact that he is just a shell of his former self. He lost almost 100 lbs and didn't have to resort to chemotherapy to do it. 

Joe even remembered that he is in the promotional products business and got etched wine glasses for the event. Everybody got one and will remember the event each time they fill it with wine and whine about the drive.



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