Trade Show Display
For Sale

Abex 600 Series
40 foot modular trade show display
Can be used in smaller sections.

This could be a really good deal for the right company. If you are flexible on your display configuration and colors you can get a booth that will last you for years for a fraction of its new value. 

This trade show display is terrific. It is good looking and easy to setup and tear down. If you are planning a high profile presence at any trade show this year, it would be a great value. The display  probably cost $40,000 or more. (The shipping cases alone account for $10,000 of its value.)

The display is in El Cajon, California and ready to ship and use. I think it has two shadow box cutouts that would necessitate getting the proper inserts. It has only been used a few times and is in very good condition.

Questions and serious offers should be directed to:

Tony Helms
Beach Cities Financial Group
256 Witherspoon Way, #1
El Cajon, CA 92020
Phone: (619)460-1040
Fax: (619) 303-9429


(Click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

Booth8.jpg (76807 bytes)
Large Photo of Shipping Boxes

Booth1.jpg (18233 bytes) Booth2.jpg (20984 bytes) Booth3.jpg (19044 bytes) Booth4.jpg (14250 bytes)
Booth5.jpg (15938 bytes) Booth6.jpg (14241 bytes) Booth7.jpg (39748 bytes) Case1.jpg (30257 bytes)
Looks pretty good, doesn't it!
Case3.jpg (33343 bytes)
4 shipping tubs and 16 wheeled panel boxes.
picPkg.gif (45137 bytes)
Shipping crate (4) with booth.


picPkgO2.gif (6544 bytes)

I'm not sure these are the right boxes but there are 16 of ones just like them.


acLightbox.gif (28592 bytes)
The Light Boxes.


assemblyStrip.gif (9897 bytes)
Assembly Instructions.


acCounters.gif (29953 bytes)
The counters.