Dawson Shoots Well !

At the Arizona State ATA Trap Shoot was held in Tuscon at the Tuscon Gun Club. I didn't do too poorly but Daryl did very well. Here are photos of the event. 

"That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!"

(As always, click on the little picture to see the big picture.) 

DarylTucsonHat.jpg (24533 bytes)
His Tucson Hat.
DarylHat2.jpg (27789 bytes)
His State Shoot hat. Which one do you like better?
DarylShoot1.jpg (24392 bytes)
He is a study in high style. I wish I'd bought a vest like his.
State Shoot 001.jpg (38744 bytes)
My, who is that dapper fellow?
Event1Score.jpg (33602 bytes)
Trap Scores
Event1Score2.jpg (31580 bytes)
Nowell's a non resident or an alien.
Event2Score.jpg (37019 bytes)
Handicap Scores. 
Event2Score2.jpg (39268 bytes)
Nowell's first ever Handicap score.
State Shoot 002.jpg (34652 bytes)
The field.
I shot the Arizona Trap Shoot and all I got was two second places, for which you get nothing.  But it was a lot of fun.  The tie for first from Tuesday carried over to Singles on Wednesday.  In the first round he shot 23 and I shot 23.  Tied after 125 targets.  The second round he shot 24 and Mr. Consistency shot 23.  Lost by one target in 150.  And he was from Illinois!  Wednesday I shot 90 in singles and tied for second.  Shot 82 in handicap both days.  The wind started really kicking up yesterday afternoon and was supposed to hit about 35 mph then and today.  Some guys were pulling out of doubles.  



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