Haircut Redux
June 27, 2003

Alex had his first haircut a few months ago and grew it all back, and then some. It is now summer in San Diego and it is hot with a lot of hair. That's why PopPop wears his hair short. He is hot enough without the help.

Here is what Mom and Amy conspired to do to Alex now. Don't worry, though. Alex loves the new do. Even Ashley liked being there.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

AlexHaircut9.jpg (35375 bytes)
Here we go.
AlexHaircut8.jpg (28717 bytes)
Amy uses the big clippers.
AlexHaircut7.jpg (40272 bytes)
The Jimi Hendricks Stage
AlexHaircut6.jpg (35188 bytes)
The Lyle Lovette Stage
AlexHaircut5.jpg (37209 bytes) AlexHaircut4.jpg (33679 bytes) AlexHaircut3.jpg (27053 bytes) AlexHaircut2.jpg (29474 bytes)
AlexHaircut1.jpg (33484 bytes)
The end result is great!
AshleyHaircut1.jpg (22376 bytes)
"Mom, What are they doing to my brother?"
AshleyHaircut2.jpg (29298 bytes) AshleyHaircut3.jpg (28580 bytes)
AshleyHaircut4.jpg (15824 bytes)
"OK, We're having fun now!"
AshleyHaircut5.jpg (25344 bytes) AshleyHaircut6.jpg (22922 bytes)  

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