Alex Gets A Haircut

Our Little Guy got his haircut for the first time in 3 1/2 years. Well, for that matter, for the first time in his life, since he is only 3 1/2 years old. 

We went to Hodads for a burger before we went. The guys all got a haircut. Alex was not trimmed very much. If you didn't know him, you wouldn't think he had any hair cut at all.

Finally, Alex and I went to the beach. Here are photos.

(As always, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

DadRachael.jpg (38583 bytes)
Rachael and Dad at Hodads.

DaminaAlex.jpg (33837 bytes)
Alex and Dad at Hodads.
AlexHair5.jpg (21707 bytes)
Doin' a little coloring before the event. No worries, mate.
AlexHair6.jpg (23679 bytes)
Hair washing tickles, Mom!
AlexHair4.jpg (34925 bytes)
"Do you like the Spiderman look?"
AlexHair2.jpg (39158 bytes)
Amy and Mom discuss the look.
AlexHair8.jpg (27895 bytes)
"Hey... I look ridiculous!"
AlexHair9.jpg (32913 bytes)
Naturally the event is filmed and video'd. 
AlexHair1.jpg (34040 bytes)
"We'll just take a little off. And I do mean, a little!"
AlexHair7.jpg (33754 bytes) DamianHair1.jpg (25542 bytes)
Even Dad got a trim.
AlexDryer1.jpg (24243 bytes)
Alex likes the 1950's dryer.
Elvis2.jpg (28189 bytes)
Is that an iguana on that rock?
Elvis1.jpg (40098 bytes)
Yep. It sure looks like an iguana. This one is named Elvis. He was sitting on Mike's shoulder. We stopped to chat. 
AlexBeach1.jpg (56355 bytes)
Alex, immediately before he broke the pink bucket. 


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