Alaska 2003
Trip Diary
July 6 -20, 2003 

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The Top 5 days are ranked in Blue

Day 1, Sunday- Petersburg
Shots of the harbor, boats, eagles, floats, and other stuff. We buy fish from Dan the Fish Man with a hole in his head...(long story, ask us later.)

Day 2, Monday- Chester B 3rd Place
Way, way too cool of a day. We saw whales, dolphins, bears, eagles, fish, helicopters, sea lions, logging activities... all in one day. Last trip we didn't see whales until day 5. 

Day 3, Tuesday- Chester B
We had a somewhat easier day today. With kayaking in the morning and petroglyphs in the afternoon and a beach party in the evening, it was a low stress day, except for Perry who had a close encounter with a whale. Shrimp Hunters start the hunt.

Day 4, Wednesday- Chester B 
This was a jam packed day. Up reasonably early and off to do a lot of things. The Shrimp Hunters begin.

Day 5, Thursday- Chester B  5th Place
Today was a quiet day. We started motoring at 5:30 am and went to hike the Baird Glacier. We blew an engine and had to motor on one. It didn't slow us down too much. The Shrimp Hunter's result. 

Day 6, Friday- Chester B 4th Place
We motored to our mooring early in the day so we could go hike the Baird Glacier. It is a butt kicking walk and a very dangerous trek as well. Great shots of birds and scenery.

Day 7, Saturday- Chester B and Petersburg
We motored home from the cove by Baird Glacier. Since we had only one engine, we took a little longer to get to port. That's ok since today we get off the boat and we don't want to. The afternoon was spent doing laundry and packing.

Day 8, Sunday- Petersburg
It started out cold and rainy. It kept up cold and rainy. I spent the day working on Capt. Kent's computer and my own website. The evening was spent at the Northern Light celebrating Perry's birthday.

Day 9, Monday-  Barrow 
We're heading to the northern most city in the United States. I think that is exciting enough in its own right. 

Day 10, Tuesday- Barrow 1st Place
If you call chopping the head off of a dead walrus an exciting day, then this day was exciting in the extreme. If you have only enough time to view one page, this is the one with which you should spend your time.  

Day 11, Wednesday- Barrow
A day of culture. A day of exercise. 

Day 12, Thursday- Train To Denali 
The day started out by taking the 8:15am Alaska Railroad to Denali Park. It continued with an airplane flight around Mt. McKinley. It ended at the Northstar Inn.

Day 13, Denali Park 2nd Place
Yes, it's true, I changed the departure time for our bus trip to 5:15am. I woke Maria and Perry at 4:30am, which was when we were supposed to be on the van for the park.  We had an eleven hour bus ride to Wonder Lake. Very coooool stuff!!!!  

Day 14, Train to Anchorage 
DJ and I slept in and Maria went river rafting. We took the bus/train to Anchorage. 

Day 15, Fly Home 
I didn't take any photos this day. Sorry. Nothing to report. Anchorage was very pretty but I'm all photo'd out.

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