World Skeet Championship 2003

I stopped in for a few hours to see my friends at the World Skeet Championships. There were some good vendors there and I got my Beretta fixed after it started firing both barrels at once. (This is a very bad thing. Your shoulder will hate you for a week.)

Here are a few photos from the day. Hi to all of you who know what this means. To those of you who don't, come out and I'll teach you how to shoot sheet. If you are like everyone who has taken me up on it, you will probably be a great shot and shoot better than me. I don't get threatened. It's ok.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

TheGroup1.jpg (61948 bytes)
I sat in the empty seat between Neil and Barbara. I couldn't eat because there was no room to get out and I'm almost too big to sit in tight quarters anymore.
TheBoys2.jpg (67397 bytes)
These are some seriously distinguished looking guys, donchathink?
TheBoys1.jpg (88787 bytes)
More distinguished looking guys.


LeePhillips.jpg (60750 bytes)
Earlier in the day Lee was wearing a black hat. At the party, the good guys wear white or beige.
Dinner1.jpg (62792 bytes)
You'll have to trust me that there is a big block of cheese on the table. There really are two, but Neil ate one himself.
DinnerLine.jpg (42040 bytes)
This is out of focus because it was really dark. The line was almost two blocks long. People get hungry shooting skeet. 

We eat roast beef. Most skeet is exported to Japan where they eat it on rice. Or so I'm told.

ShootOff1.jpg (68592 bytes)
If there are a lot of people with the same score, a shoot-off ensues. It really isn't boring watching a dozen shooters trying not to miss doubles at 3, 4, and 5. Trust me... it is much, much more difficult than it looks.
ShootOff2.jpg (44720 bytes)
More shoot off action.

I liked the red shirt.

ShootOffBender1.jpg (36352 bytes)
Todd Bender is a 
World Champion who writes for the Skeet magazine. His articles and tapes have taught me at least half of what I know. Neil Vann has taught me the other half. I never tell anyone because I really suck and don't want people thinking it is my teachers fault.
Vendor.jpg (37128 bytes)
Vendor Row is my favorite place. I shop but do not buy. It wouldn't matter anyway. I can't hit much with a $1600 gun and I would hit just as few with a $16,000 gun, but I would look much cooler on the field.
Vendor2.jpg (54786 bytes)
Be still my beating Visa card!
LoriD1.jpg (58099 bytes)
Lori Desatoff in the shoot-off. The woman at the far left was the eventual winner. 

I shot with Lori's son Eric on the day he got his first 100 straight in the 28 gauge. 

This is a skeet shooting family. Every Desatoff was at the World. 


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